Saturday, February 21, 2009

Creole Cottage 10: Lighting & Accessories


Marie Laveau's cottage required some items not usually found in miniature catalogs. Voodoo dolls, for one. The photo was the inspiration. The dolls in the basket are the ones I made.

Marie's familiar, a boa constrictor, was fashioned from some printed cloth and beads over a pipe cleaner.

The shelf with coat hooks by the front door was made from a laser cut kit. The "cloaks" are bits of cloth stiffened with hairspray so they'll hold their shape.

The carpet bag was made from made from a bit of brocade from a decorator's sample book. One of our Greenleaf Forum friends was kind enough to share some with several of us when we met at the Bishop Show in Chicago a few years ago.

The picture on the wall is Our Lady of Prompt Succor. She is credited with saving New Orleans from dire flooding in years past. She is recognized in nearly every Creole household in the city, even today. The chair and table are Chrysnbom kits.

Here's the cottage tipped onto its face for the installation of the lights. There are six lights mounted on a strip of wood that go up at the ceiling level. They add light so the details can be seen. Marie's cottage had no electricity, and candles weren't an option as this scene is daylight.
The junction splice is attached to a line of tape. Two wires connect the tape to another piece of tape that runs along the wood strip. The lights are connected to the tape. The wires connecting the two pieces of tape are hidden behind the strip of wood that finishes off the edge of the central wall.

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  1. WoW! You did an amazing job on this!! Very creative and original! :)