Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sunroom - Casey Mini's Wicker Furniture

Many moons ago I won a set of wicker furniture on Casey Mini's website. I think it was around 2012.  I don't remember how I came to win it. I think it was the luck of a draw. At any rate, I was delighted to have it. It followed me from Missouri to New Orleans and Atlanta, waiting for just the right setting. Today that setting dropped into my lap. I went to Pike's Nursery to talk about trees for my backyard. But as I was walking out, sitting right in front of my nose was this sunroom! I know, it is supposed to be a terrarium, but really, where will I find a better sunroom?
I really like the sloping roof and that it is already primed. I'm thinking egg carton bricks or stones to make a foundation and camouflage the drawer. I gave up my stash of egg cartons when we left Missouri, but I've been replenishing the supply since I moved here. The knob can be replaced by something smaller that will blend into the bricks/stones. The floor will probably be tile; not sure how that will happen -- ceramic? paper clay? egg carton flagstone? Greenleaf vinyl tiles? 

There was a white wire birdcage and stand in the box with the furniture. I don't remember if it came from Casey or whether I put it in there just because it's perfect for the scene. 

Casey included extra fabric for curtains. I'm not sure if this room will have curtains. Probably not, but it's nice to have it, just in case.

I can see potted plants here, some leafy, some vining upward. I'm not sure about the back wall. Something needs to happen to all that glass. Should I make a brick template with a faux window into the non-existent house? Make it stone, with vines stretching up around a tiny fountain? Lattice? 
It will be fun to whip this little jewel into shape while still working on the Beacon Hill, she says optimistically.

Watch this space!

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