Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Beacon Hill Staircase Makeover - [Step 4 ~ Middle Stair Fitted]

How to attach the balusters to the treads, that was the question. As I recall, some have drilled holes and inserted wires or wooden pegs. I didn't have either on hand, so E-6000 glue to the fore. It will hold just about anything to anything and is strong.

The wall side of the staircase is on top. I put bits of quarter round under the balusters so they would not be glued at the very edge of the treads. Since the staircase is larger than the magnetic jig, I turned the jig upside down. You can't see the magnets holding it in place in this photo. The graph was cut from part of a quilting accessory. It is useful for lining up the bits and pieces. The newel post at the bottom of the stair is glued in place and will anchor the handrail. When the glue is thoroughly dry, the handrail will be glued in place by putting a tiny blob of glue on the ends of the balusters and again left to dry for a good long while.

The contractor and the doctor like what they see. The doctor is a bit put out that construction is taking so long, but this is New Orleans, which runs on its own schedule.

The E-6000 worked well. The unit looks flimsy but is really quite sturdy, even with the handrail not attached to anything at the very top. The contractor is explaining that a newel post will be part of the railing that will surround the opening in the floor. The handrail will fit snugly against it, giving the impression that it is all of one piece. [Smoke and mirrors. 😉 ] 

A coat of clear satin acrylic will be applied to all of the staircase sections when they are all finished. The next step is to tackle the ground floor stairs, which have two landings and need to be jury-rigged so as to slide in and out smoothly. I've ordered some flooring material, which means a bit will have to be shaved off so they'll fit.


  1. How exciting! Stairs looks really awesome Kathie. I love the contractor :)

  2. Esa escalera se ve preciosa y perfecta!