Saturday, March 10, 2018

Organizing the Craft Room

Truth be told, I've been avoiding the craft room because it is so cluttered and disorganized. Adding the purchases from the Atlanta mini show was the last straw. It is a small bedroom, but has lovely bright light from a window as well as overhead and task lighting. My sister came over to brainstorm with me and pointed out that there is a nice wall just begging for some shelving. Here are some before photos.

This photo shows the doorway to the hall, the blank wall, and the doorway to the closet.

The worktable (an old desk) is in the foreground. There is a drafting table under the wall-mounted tv, with a couple of kit boxes on it. Not sure what is in the boxes under the table. 

Moving counterclockwise around the room, this shows more clutter. Actually, this picture makes it look nearly organized. It doesn't reflect the cluttered feel of standing there in real life. 

Inside the closet. Lots of nice drawers for storage, some of them labeled but not necessarily containing what its label promises, some empty. This will be a challenge in itself. Some items, like the beginning stash of egg cartons on the shelf and some large tools, can go out to the garage as soon as I get the last two sets of shelves assembled out there.

The first order of business was going to Home Depot for the components for the new shelves -- two wall brackets, four 4-foot shelves, eight shelf brackets, and some toggle bolts. Came home, moved the table and boxes away from the wall. Grabbed the wall brackets to check placement of the holes and realized I'd accidentally picked up two different brands, one Rubbermaid, one Closetmaid. Same length, different configuration. I blame the general messiness of Home Depot's bins. Anyway, back to the store to exchange one. 

Back home, measured the wall for placement of the top toggle bolt, and went out to the garage to get the power drill. After in intense search, the drill was not to be found. I have a feeling I know where it went. In preparing for the move last summer, I donated several tool boxes filled with art supplies to a local school. I think the tool box with the drill in it was inadvertently included. I ordered a hand drill and assorted bits from Amazon, but then borrowed a cordless power drill from my sister, who reminded me that I can shop their well supplied garage any time I need a tool.

Without a level, I relied on the Laws of Gravity to help hang the wall brackets. I fastened the top hole with a toggle bolt but did not pull it up snug. I let it hang down, perfectly vertical, and marked the other holes. Voila! The wall brackets were in place. The rest of the project went quickly. The shelves don't need to be very far apart, so I could add a fifth one at the bottom. The two mini drawer units are for tiny accessories, one for the Beacon Hill and one for the Pierce. That's landscaping items on the second shelf. They may be moved to the top shelf, as there is quite a long way to go before either of those buildings needs landscaping.

The goal for the shelves is display of furniture and accessories for houses in progress. If they are easily seen, I won't be as likely to buy duplicates. Walmart has some roughly shoebox sized storage containers made of clear plastic, which will be a good way to organize by room while mitigating dust. The organizing continues!


  1. Looking good....and it feels good to organize. I can't wait to see more of your houses.

  2. Thanks, Carrie. Yes, it does feel good to organize!

  3. Que duro se hace tener que ordenar,pero lo a gusto que estás con todo en su sitio! La pena es lo poco que dura verdad?

  4. I agree! Nothing better than a good organise. Love the open shelving for furniture idea. I can never remember what I have.

    1. I bought containers in a variety of sizes to accommodate the contents of rooms of all sizes. They all fit nicely with an 8" clearance between the shelves.