Thursday, March 1, 2018

Glencroft Chimney Wall Detail

I purchased an already-built Greenleaf Glencroft several weeks ago. It is well built but needs some work on the electrical system and needs to be decorated and furnished. I'm thinking this will be Miss Marple's home, but the house hasn't agreed with any enthusiasm.

I'll post more photos as I get around to working on it, but for now I'm posting just two details in an attempt to help a fellow Greenleaf forum member visualize how the chimney and wall fit together. There is about a quarter inch offset, with the wall piece extending slightly beyond the chimney.

Here's an amusing tidbit: the house I have was built in reverse. When looking into the back, the stairs and chimney are on the left instead of the right side. I flipped the photos so as not to confuse Rachael, who is trying to build her house according to the directions.

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  1. Es una preciosa casa,estoy segura que la decorarás estupendamente!!!