Friday, June 16, 2017

Beacon Hill Tower Roof (Step 2)

Well, six months later ... the Beacon Hill has been calling out, and today I got back to work.

I went with my initial thought, to use string to form the standing seams in the copper roof panels. I made templates with graph paper, the easier to space the seams and keep them straight, and used the all-purpose white string in the kitchen drawer. They're glued with Aileen's tacky glue.

I placed the template on the sticky side of the copper sheet and gently rubbed it out smooth with my fingers. I then turned it over, trimmed away the excess copper, and used a burnishing tool to smooth out the wrinkles and enhance the "seams".  I'm pleased with the result.

In the photo below, the panel is not pushed in all the way. I'm going to keep the panels loose until I figure out how they will be aged. Some of the aging may be easier to do it I can lay them flat. The white boards at the top will be painted black.

The next step is aging the copper. No way can it stay this shiny! I'm open to suggestions as to what methods to try. 


  1. I like where this going. Copper roofs are lovely. I hope the house continues to talk and inspire you.. I'm sure there are plenty of suggestions on google for aging copper.

  2. Me gusta como te está quedando el tejado de la torre!En cuanto a envejecer el cobre de manera rápida,yo he usado ésta mezcla:1 medida de amoniaco,1/4 de medida de vinagre y 1/4 de medida de sal.Lo mezclas bien y con un pulverizador le das a toda la pieza y dejas que actúe.Queda muy natural.

  3. Gracias, Pilar! Repito la fórmula para otros.

    Here is Pilar's formula in English:

    I like how the roof of the tower is getting! As for aging copper quickly, I have used this mixture: 1 measure of ammonia, 1/4 measure of vinegar and 1/4 measure of salt. Mix well and with a spray you give the whole piece and let it act. It is very natural.

  4. What a great idea, Kathie! I love how well the idea has materialized. I have only used gilder's paste to patina, but I like how well it can be controlled. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Have fun!