Friday, February 1, 2013

Beacon Hill - Front Door

This morning, when the stain was dry, I put the pieces of the front door in place to see what they look like. While the trim on the windows will be painted, often the front door was varnished oak. I really like the way this looks, except what's that demi-lune above the door all about? At first I thought it might be crying out for a leaded glass panel, but I wasn't too excited about having to cut through the wall.

Then I rummaged through a little box labeled "Beacon Hill" -- a mix of potential adornments that has been accumulating for a couple of years. I found some flat-backed wood ornaments. I can't recall if I had a particular use in mind, but that doesn't matter. With a little trimming, it fit perfectly in the space.

Here's what it looks like with a coat of stain. I couldn't lean it against the wall again because it's wet. I'll paint the space behind the ornament dark brown or black to give the area additional depth.

Good news: While rummaging for the box of adornments, I found another piece of the porch. Not the piece I need to assemble the base, but progress, none the less.

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  1. Te ha quedado una puerta magnífica!!!! Muy buena idea la del adorno,queda genial!!