Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quilt Shop at the Show

Today was the first day of the quilt show of the Country Patchwork Quilter's Guild in Marshall, Missouri. The mini quilt shop is having its first outing. This is the view from the ticket desk. Look what's in a place of prominence. Several hundred visitors came to the show, and most of them stopped to ooh and aah over the mini quilt shop. Here is a photo of the skirt. Lloyd took one look and commented that I'd left the fringe off the bottom. All floats in the Mardi Gras parades have fringe covering the wheels. Somehow I hadn't looked at the display table as a float, but several people who heard him teased me on and off all day. You can see a faint horizontal line where the roof angle begins. That's where the vertical Plexiglass and the 4" strip meet. Together they closed up the shop and kept it safe from exploring fingers. Although, I must admit that the visitors were very courteous. I think that being quilters, they are accustomed not to touch quilts on display.
I took advantage of the setup to take a number of photos through the windows of the shop with the lights on. I'll process and post some of them another day. This last photo is the view through the front door. You can see part of the well-stocked shelf unit, the little boy, and part of the blonde shopper as well as the bolts of muslin under the counter.
By the way, the led lights burned brightly all day. Not a one burned out. I have a lot of AA batteries on hand, just in case. These are the 6" utility lights from Walmart.


  1. That is so cool to see it at the show. I bet a lot of people took turns looking at it and ohhing and awwing. Congratuations.

  2. Kathie, the quilt shop looks wonderful. I like the Mardi Gras Skirt, even without the fringe!LOL Not all quilters are so careful about touching. Years ago I sold a mini quilt shop to a quilt store owner here in Tucson. It was an open cottage. I told her that it should be protected some way...She allowed anybody and everybody to "play" with it. It was gone after a couple of years. Not my fault. It was out of my hands, but really sad. I bought one of the lights from Walmart this morning. I am going back and get more. They are discontinuing them at our store!!!

  3. My goodness! Well, I can only think that if these lights are discontinued, even better ones will come along. Technology is amazing and evolving rapidly. The only two drawbacks to the Walmart lights are their bulk and the cool white light they emit. Makes them perfect for use in a commercial structure, but would be harsh in a residential setting.

    I have some of the LED strip lights from Hobby Builders Supple item #95301 and #95302. I'm going to try to hook those us with a battery pack. What I especially like is that they come both in the bright cool white (for outdoors) and warm white (for softer indoor lighting).

  4. It looks beautiful Kathie. It is so nice to see the first picture, your shop close to all the big quilts. It gives such a nice sense of scale.

  5. ¡Que sensacional! Tu tienda es la estrella de la feria.
    Les habrás hecho sonreir. Una tienda como la que visitan en mini.
    Besos Clara

  6. Just discovered your blog Kathie, love your quilt shop and will explore further.

  7. Love your quilt shop. I too have many individual shops as well as houses. The detail is Great!

  8. En España concretamente en Bilbao se acaba de celebrar una feria similar, es de manualidades, pero las exposiciones de Quilter´s ha sido la mayoria, en segundo lugar el punto de cruz con las mercerias.
    También viene de Francia un puesto con miniaturas, lo pasamos genial.
    Me encantará ver más fotos cuando las subas.
    Un abrazo

  9. Stumbled onto your site and was greeted by this lovely quilt shop! I know that it is many months later, but congratulations. What an honor. What other "projects" are in progress? I'd love to see and hear.