Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thread Display

I received an early birthday present in the mail today -- a magnetic jig from MicroMark. I put it to work immediately to build the thread display case. The parts were cut and waiting for assembly. I used 1/16" birch and golden oak stain. The parts are so small that I used a touch-up stain pen. Worked like a charm. It needs a little label at the bottom and maybe some micro jibberish under each spool, like the ID number of the color or something. Or maybe not. As long as I had the stain pens out, I thought to use the dark walnut on the unfinished counter. Yukk. There are light spots where the glue oozed. And it's way too dark and splotchy. I think it will be painted when I figure out what color it should be. (It's sitting on a scrap of the linoleum that will go under it.)


  1. That thread display is fantastic! I bought some of those tiny turnings to make thread for my sewing room (when I get to the third floor of the Newport). Great job!

  2. What an amazing thread display case - you've done a brilliant job. I look forward to seeing what colour you decide to paint the counter.

  3. Thank you both. I'm pretty sure the counter will be white. Since it didn't stain well, natural wood isn't an option. I don't want to introduce another color in the furniture -- oak and white for everything!