Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Yesterday seemed like a good day to hide from the snow and cold, so I set up a tray in front of the fireplace and wrapped embroidery floss around pony beads to make balls of crochet cotton while keeping one eye on a couple of old movies on TV. Perfect. It takes about 13" of floss, all six strands used together. Put some glue on one end to use as a "needle" and glue the other end inside the bead. Then wrap around evenly. I found a toothpick was useful to open the center hole if it got too small and to push the "needle" through if it hung up. Here are the fruits of about 8 hours of labor: 24 balls of crochet cotton. They are so darn cute! I'm really indebted to Barbara for sharing this project with me. Hmm ... photos tell all. I just see that I didn't leave a single strand of floss sticking up from the center, the starter thread in the ball. I'll clip some strands and glue them in to complete the look.
The mailman brought the doll order from HBS. All of them are going to need new clothes, and Grandma and Mother need new hairdos, too. I thought Grandma might be the proprietor, but she has such a vacant stare that I don't think she's up to it. I'm counting on Hyacinth, made by another Greenleaf Forum member, to pick up the slack. I think Mother may be her assistant. I have two other dolls, a dark-haired Mother who is currently dressed in walking shorts and boots and a male doll similar to the father in The Family pack, who can also join the crowd. That puts eight people in the shop, either shopping or looking at the quilt show. I do believe that's enough!


  1. I have not been able to decide what I wanted to start working on next but I like your quilt shop so far. I was in an on line group that did a sewing/fabric store and I did not participate at the time but you have spiked my interest in doing one.

  2. Kathie...Those balls of crochet thread are fantastic! And duh I never thought about using pony beads....hmmmm I wonder if I have some stashed around somewhere.

  3. Thank you both ... :) I'm working on some modern sewing machines carved from contractor's foam board. Photos to follow soon. Kathie

  4. Just found you through Pinterest and I'm so glad. You are amazingly talented.
    Off I have work I should be doing, but I'm probably going to spend much of the rest of the afternoon reading as many of your posts as I can. :)

  5. AnonymousJune 18, 2013

    how did you make the paper around the crochet balls

    1. Oh, this was so long ago that I can hardly remember. I believe another member of the Greenleaf Dollhouses forum sent them to me. You can make your own by scanning a real label, reducing the size, and then printing multiples on a single sheet of paper.

  6. Que bonito trabajo!