Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two new quilts

Two new quilts today. The first is stitched together using the strip method. It was tedious and didn't turn out very well. I should have done one with plain cloth to get a feel for it. The pattern was hard to calibrate. This one may end up folded on a shelf. It's lap robe size.
The second one is made from cheater cloth, my candidate for most clever invention of all time. Since it went together so quickly, I used the sewing machine to embellish it with some "quilting." The backing is a dark green/black print. If I weren't so tired of playing with tiny pieces of cloth, I'd have finished stitching between each block. Most of the lines between the blocks are printed. I stitched the center top vertical line; it makes a difference. Maybe I'll sew the rest another time.
One reason I got tired of sewing was that when I changed a bobbin, I didn't replace the needle thread properly. Who knew that skipping a step on the thread that goes through the needle would cause the bobbin thread to make ugly snarls and knots? I wasted a lot of time cursing and rethreading the bobbin assembly, which was innocent. *sigh*

Tomorrow, back to making bolts.


  1. The quilts look great!
    I so feel your pain on that misses step mayhem! Been there cursed that! LOL

  2. Thanks, Deborah. .... hmmmmm ... I thought I knew the machine well enough to thread it blindfolded. Maybe I did! lol