Sunday, November 15, 2009

An afghan without all of that tedious crocheting

One of the Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum members suggested putting together strips of trim to make an afghan. What a great idea! I bought a tiny daisy chain at Walmart* and stitched it together to form a throw. Unfortunately, it's a bit narrow, so I'm going to have to stage it carefully, but here you can see it draped over the foot of a double bed. *Yes, a Walmart that still have fabric. It's in Sedalia, Missouri. The manager says they'll keep it until the store is remodeled. Nobody is saying when that might happen. Meanwhile, she has the go-ahead to keep on ordering. :)


  1. oooh how fantastic! We have a Wal-mart locally that still has fabric as well...I will definitely have to go check out their trims!

  2. What a nice idea,thanks for sharing but i keep on crocheting, i like too crochet while watching the television or traveling in the train.

  3. So glad to see someone else tried this! :] It turned out beautifully!

  4. I am going to try this! Was at Joann Fabric today and they have the same daisy trim you buy it by the yard! I bought 1/2 yard hope it's enough. Thanks for sharing I'm going to use it for the baby!