Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Installing the Tape Wire

Previous houses have been lighted using a junction splice and other paraphernalia. The Beacon Hill is getting a new system using a connection block with a fuse from the CR2 system. I described the components and initial trials and tribulations in this post from July 17th. That was five months ago. In November I staged the house to determine where the lights will go and figured out how to hide the connection block. See that post here. I got some advice from a member of the Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum on where to find hookup wire; it seemed silly to buy both red and black, so I bought red.

Today I finally overcame inertia and tucked into the wiring, using the red hookup wire and brass eyelets for connectors. It worked!

The Bambam tool and large brass eyelets make connecting the runs of tape a breeze. The whole first floor is now taped and all segments are live. ☺ The vertical blue tape in the entry hall will connect the ground floor electrical system to the top two floors. No lights have been installed yet. I still need to work out wall treatments before they are attached, but with the Bambam and eyelets, it should not be a problem.


  1. So glad to see you had no hiccups in your wiring Kathie. I completely understand overcoming inertia when you have a particularly challenging task to do. :)

  2. Un gran trabajo de electricidad!!