Monday, July 3, 2017

Beacon Hill Staircase Makeover [Step 1 ~ Staging]

The staircase in the Beacon Hill reminds me more of a Craftsman style, not Victorian. I see it used in other Beacon Hills and it works well, but in this Beacon Hill, I want a more delicate appearance. To that end, I've laid in a supply of Houseworks balusters, Newel posts and handrails.

Before cutting away the current details, I used a bit of poster putty to put some of the elements in place. It's obvious that there will be adjustments to be made, but all in all, I believe I'm going to love this makeover.

You'll notice that the tops of the upper balusters are cut off. That's because I want the staircase to be removable.  With the more delicate balusters, I may need to rethink how the pieces will fit together. 
Some of the balusters may have to hang down from the piece that fits above this one. I'll think about that while I prepare the components. I want to stain them prior to assembly.

This concept is not original to me. I saw pictures of this kind of staircase that someone else had done beautifully. I thought I saved the photos for reference, but now I can't find them. If anyone can point me toward them, I'd be much obliged.


  1. Oh Kathie! This is going to be beautiful! A major upgrade and I can't wait to see how you've solved the half and half balusters!

  2. Changing the balusters and the handrail on this Beacon Hill Staircase is a great way to up-grade it. It is a solid dense staircase to begin with but by changing the posts to the Houseworks ones, you have made it visually lighter; less Craftsman and more Victorian. Remakes always present new challenges but I think that you are Definitely headed in the Right Direction. :D


  3. I think the changes you are making are a magnificent upgrade.. I much prefer the 3 dimensional look of rounded newels & balusters. :)