Sunday, January 1, 2017

The homeowner visits the Beacon Hill

This is the doctor, a free man of color (FMC), husband to the beautiful Sophia and as yet nameless, visiting his home under construction in the Garden District of New Orleans, a stately Beacon Hill. He is recently back from a trip to France, during which he studied under one of the preeminent surgeons of Paris. He is holding a copy of the plans for the house and wondering where the workers went. 

I happened to catch him standing on the front porch with sunlight from a nearby window providing dramatic lighting. He bears a startling resemblance to my husband's cousin Dave. :) 

Here is the beautiful Sophia, on her way to visit Marie Laveau for some kind of potion or gris gris. We don't know her purpose for sure, but after three years of marriage the couple remains childless, so we can speculate.