Sunday, September 20, 2015

Haunted Hangout has a new home

Last spring we left our home in Missouri to become permanent residents of New Orleans. Packing the miniature houses was a bit of a challenge. They went into storage with the moving company for several weeks, then were transported bout 900 miles on a large moving van to climate-controlled personal storage a half mile or so from our condo.

How to fit the houses into this much smaller abode is a challenge, but as Halloween is coming, the Haunted House made the move. I was eager to see how it had survived its adventure. The photos show the unpacking process. Much of the accessories and are glued in place, but the skellies were carefully wrapped in paper towels and stuffed inside. I neglected to take photos of that part. All of the skeletons came through perfectly.

The house was wrapped in bubble wrap and buffered with pieces of Styrofoam packing material. 

The house is sitting on Lloyd's mother's hope chest. Its turntable is in another box still in storage, but it is light enough to be turned manually for viewing.  The ceramic and Plexiglas sculpture beside it is one of Lloyd's pieces. The blue yarn pouring out from between the panels gives rise to its name: Cascade.

To view details of the Haunted Hangout, click on the Haunted Hangout link at the side.

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  1. Que alivio ver de nuevo la preciosa casa encantada intacta y en su lugar,es preciosa y luce tan bien!!!!