Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beacon Hill Chimney & Roof

Now that the interior wall question is settled, I've turned back to the instruction sheet, which tells me to move on to the roof and chimney assembly. I'm finding out that in my haste to dry-fit and glue the building together, I glued some stuff that should have been left loose. However, reducing the size of some tabs and sanding some tight spots seems to have absolved me of those indiscretions.

The chimney pieces cried out to be covered with something. After I whined about not wanting to add the weight of ceramic bricks nor spend time making egg carton bricks or paperclay stones, Sophia decided it would be okay to pretend the chimney is brick covered with plaster/cement. Some Spackle (polyfilla) and a wet fingertip did the job. It will be painted the same color as the siding and then aged.

While I had the Spackle open, I used it to smooth out the outside ribs. When it is lightly sanded, it will take a nice coat of paint.

I thought ahead a bit and painted the sides of the third floor fireplace black before gluing the chimney pieces. Silly me forgot to paint the back wall, but that can be easily fixed.

I just came inside from sanding the roof trim. The front has moved through and taken with it the rain and the warm temperatures. I know some folks would be pleased with 57F, but it's a bit chilly for a subtropical climate.

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  1. Hi!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences during the building of you beacon hill! I also have a beacon hill but unitl now I dind't start to build it. As you did it, I think about to modify the walls on the ground floor... and some other things!

    I'm looking forward to see and read more about your beacon hill!

    Hugs, Lina