Monday, September 26, 2011

Playing in the Mud

Well, the mud is dry, the wallboard mud, that is. Today I sanded and sanded and cleaned the mud out of the slots and sanded it off of the tabs for the walls. Then I wiped down the work area and each piece with a damp rag to pick up the dust the the brush missed, and painted the ground floor sections of each piece.

I used a mini paint roller that I picked up in a paint shop some time ago. I think the store sold Benjamin Moore paints. These were with the display of sample colors. In a spurt of intelligence, I bought more than one, so I have a spare when this one bites the dust. It is a dream for painting walls. The paint goes on smoothly. In this case, one coat is sufficient. Love it!

The order from Hobby Builders Supply arrived today. The hanging lights are going to need some adjusting, as the chains are way too long, but that's a minor item compared to the big electrical question: where to put the electric source. I suppose I can install all of the ground floor ceiling lights and just run the wires up through the ceiling, but then where to? And there are to be some sconces on the ground floor. Where to run their wires?

As soon as I figure that out, the mini electrician can get to work!

The paint color I'm using is Glidden's Venetian Stucco from Walmart. I don't know what it looks like on your computer screen, but the picture appears lighter than the real paint color. I bought three of the tester bottles, and it appears that will be sufficient.

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