Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bathroom nearly finished

Since the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and easy to reach, I started there with the interior decorating. The wallpaper is left over from a real life bath. The wainscoting, pieces of real life paneling, was painted white and a decorative quarter-round trim added. The doors were installed. The flooring is a piece of foam shelf liner. It has a nice texture. The bathroom fixtures are Reutter Porcelain. Can you believe I won them in a grab bag from Hobby Builders Supply? One handle on the sink had popped loose, as had the drain plug and chain in the tub. Both were easily glued back on after this photo was taken. I think there should be a corner shelf in the back right corner with towels, etc. This is both the bath for the apartment and the necessary room for the shop. There will, of course, be wall hangings. Not sure about a rug.

Not wanting you to think I'm working in total chaos, I took this photo after a minor clean-up in the craft area. There's a way to go, but at least I can find most things now.
And here's the houseboat with a skirt to hide the boxes stored beneath. In this picture you can see the wonderful Mardi Gras wall hanging done by the ever-so-talented Deb of Deb's Minis. And how appropriate, for today is Mardi Gras. Laissez le bon ton roulez!


  1. It looks good! I'd add a vanity suite though.

  2. What a neat work area! My New Years' Resolution was to clean up my basement/studio and it's slowly happening! I love Marie's house and will look forward to watching your progress now that I have found you.

    I have been blogging for several years but can't figure out how to create a list of the awards I've received. How did you do it?!