Tuesday, September 1, 2009

White Orchid Workshop

Today I had great fun unpacking the toys I've been collecting to set up the elves' workshop. I think the elf who's supposed to take the finished work to the elves who pack Santa's bags has fallen down on the job, as the toys are piling up!
The kitchen and stove got a few more accessories. This area needs a rug.
A band of mice have arranged themselves on the stairs. The girl elf likes their music as she cooks.

Not much was done upstairs. I put out some bread with coffee and tea for break time, spiffed up the sewing machine, put books and a vase on the shelves, and found a puppy for the house. This area needs a rug, too. I'm envisioning a braided oval rug under the table and chairs.
Outside, the tiny salt and pepper shakers took their place on the step. Santa seems to approve.
I found some really tiny mushrooms with the toys and added them to the landscape. They will be those little things that people won't notice until about the fourth time they look at the house.


  1. It really looks like a workshop now. Great job. But where have all the elves gone?

  2. LOL!! ... Well, the girl elf moved out of the way so I could get the pictures of the kitchen. The guys were doing a supply run to Lowe's or Home Depot!

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