Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Beacon Hill -- Foyer/Hall Parquet Floor Construction


When I realized the Houseworks red oak flooring could be cut easily with scissors and utility knife, I immediately thought parquet!  The design I settled on is more like inlay than parquet, but I think it will be a nice addition to this center portion of the ground floor. 

I started with an idea but not a specific drawing. It is evolving as I work. The golden oak board all run from side to side with the walnut boards creating the pattern, which reflects the detailing on the stairway. I'm gluing the pieces onto graph paper cut to the dimensions of the area. I thought to cut all the pieces and lay them out before gluing, but they are so light that they kept skittering across the worksurface. Plan B is cut a piece, glue a piece; cut a piece, glue a piece.  Haven't decided yet if there will be a design in the center of the large square. 

The el-shaped white area in the upper left is the footprint of the stairway.  I have some 1/16th inch wood that I may use to level out the whole floor as it will not be seen when the stairway is in place.

The colors are Minwax Golden Oak and Walnut. The walnut is a gel. I like the way it goes on. I use a rolled up bit of paper towel as an applicator, sort of a blunt drawing stump. No brush to clean. 😀 

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